We have found the perfect place for this unbreakable top case mirror. Even though it is small, it installs in an area that allows you to move the top case lid up and down to make sure you look your best. Works well with any height person.

$14.95 including shipping in the US

F3 Brake Pedal Mod

Whether you have pegs or floorboards, many ryders do not like the brake pedal height. Our kit not only changes that, but allows you to move forward or back up to 2 positions with the Ufit system without changing the brake rod.  This mod allows almost instant braking! 

$175.80 includes shipping in the US

Ever get frustrated by not being able to carry more stuff on your rydes? And the only way to carry the extra is to drag a trailer. Which is OK, but let's be honest, you don't have the acceleration or can take the twistys like you would without it. So the wife and I started looking at hitch carriers. The choices were pretty limited and I didn't like the mounting characteristics or where they were positioned on the hitch. They were too far back, which would have caused balance issues, especially if you like the twistys like we do.

So I decided to fabricate a new style rack; one that moved the load forward so that you would hardly know it was there. We worked through several styles until we found the perfect one. We call it "Positive Forward Placement". We were even able to get a water resistant bag that mounts to it that we like to call a Spyder Pack. Next came the mounting. I ask many of you what you would like to see in a Rack and overwhelmingly you wanted an attachment method that would allow you to keep the hitch ball in place. So we gave you two methods of attachment. You can use the hitch ball hole and 2 specially designed U bolts, or leave the hitch ball in place and use 4 U bolts to secure it. The Spyder Rack comes with all mounting hardware and is easy to do. You will need to position a plate and secure it to divert the exhaust, and we also include that kit! NOTE: Must have OEM exhaust. We have even included not only paper instructions, but a install DVD that shows the different ways of mounting!

We have made many Spyder Ryders (and their spouses) very happy with this!

$525.00 includes shipping in the US

(NOTE: These are special order)

The Can Am Mirrors do a wonderful job, but just like our 4 wheeled friends, the mirror cannot see everywhere. Extensive testing of these mirrors through 16 States in all kinds of conditions make them a requirement for us. Fully adjustable with 2 methods of mounting them. Picture is actual circumstances. A must for crowded roads and commuter traffic.

$19.95 includes shipping in the US

If you have ever had a side case hinge break you are one of many that have had that occur. The plastic molding that the hinge attaches to is not very strong and as such if you have a little too much stuff in the case or if you put pressure on the lid it will usually break. Prior to the creation of this kit the only recourse was to have the entire inner part of the side case replaced. With one identical to the one that broke. Our kit utilizes a much larger surface area on both front (inner) and back (outer) to strengthen the weak areas. Used as an excellent repair kit it can also be a preventative to stop the break from happening in the first place and many buy and install them for that very reason. This product is very inexpensive when you figure the time required to go to the dealer, have them order the part, etc., etc. The unique design of the inner Spring Bracket allows natural movement of the plastic and yet if the plastic starts to move farther than designed, the spring will tighten up and resist the excessive movement that causes the break. The rear backing plate increases the contact area by double to stop outward flex. This product comes with a lifetime warranty against our parts breaking or developing defects. Put them on and forget them!

$99.95 includes shipping in the US

When we were researching for the Spyder Rack, we were able to find a water resistant Spyder Pack. It conforms perfectly to the 36" wide Rack and attaches at 6 points. Well very well and holds a bunch of clothes.

$90 includes shipping in the US

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