Back in July of 2014, we had the great pleasure of buying a Can Am Spyder RTSE6.  I had rode motorcycles years ago, but nothing prepared me for the sheer exhilaration, pure enjoyment, and incomparable safety that the RT brought to us.

Since I had done my homework I knew of the safety features and both Kathy and I felt very happy ryding. It wasn't long before we decided to add some things to make the byke even better. We added a stiffer sway bar and that helped some, but I was surprised that there was no adjustment in the front shocks. And I did not want to purchase expensive shocks that would need to be rebuilt each year to maintain the warranty.

That is when we first came up with our Spring Stiffeners.  We called upon an old racer technique of putting isolators between the spring coils. After much trial and error we found the perfect setup. Since Kathy sits second seat she felt the difference in the handling right away. And, as an added bonus, it slightly raised the front end so that we didn't bottom out on curbs, etc. as much as we had. We also found that the Stiffeners fit the rear coil, but I am getting ahead of myself, so we'll come back to the rear application later. 

Kathy needed a mirror to check her "helmet hairdo" before going into restaurants so I found the perfect answer.  A stainless steel plate with a mirror finish, without the possibility of breakage.  Fit right inside the top case therefore our Top Case Mirror was added to our list of products.  The ladies all love them.

Then, we saw that the side case hinges could be made stronger and we did so with our Side Case Hinge Upgrade/Repair Kit.

And on and on, we just kept making things for the RT, then we purchased a F3 and we are now adding things to make it better.

I love building things and it is just great that we can pass on the improvements we have come up with to you.


Kathy & Doc Ryde Pictures

Jenkins Ridge, NC

The Rattler 2017

Foolin' w friends

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Kitty Hawk, NC

Governer's Ryde

Tail of the Dragon


Photobomb Jane

Lake Michigan

Hangin' Out

Winter Product


CMA Meetup NC

Bigun Memorial

Pap, you bought

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2 Ladies of God

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